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Product description

Easy to Use
Doctor recommended MEDSU PORTABLE is a medical grade, high flow, and low noise phelgum suction machine. MEDSU PORTABLE is enabled for flexible movement with oil free pump & a switch to turn ON/OFF.

MEDSU PORTABLE is designed with special attention to flexibility & ease of operation. Suction unit comes with a 15-18 minutes suction time & A concealed bottle to help vacuum out secretions & clear patient’s airway for blockage free breathing experience.

MEDSU PORTABLE uses only high medical grade assembly which provides worry-free & safe usage experience even for sensitive nasal structures in child.

MEDSU PORTABLE comes with a step-less adjustable pressure control, making it perfect for everyone to control the suction pressure and use the machine without any stress. Further, oil-free pump ensures there is no leakage or contamination possibility. The liquid collection bottle is concealed which means you don’t have to handle/look at the secretions & substances if you choose not to.