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Health problem addressed
Oxygen concentrators provide supplementary oxygen for patients with chronic pulmonary disease  and, in higher concentrations, for severe chronic hypoxemia and pulmonary edema. They may be used as an adjunct treatment with a continuous positive airway. Oxygen concentrators are typically used to provide long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) to patients at home. We are best Oxygen Concentrator Dealer In Bandra

Product description
Oxygen concentrators consist of a cabinet that houses the compressor and filters; tubing; a nasal cannula face mask. Portable units will additionally include an AC or DC charger, and a battery.
Principles of operation
The concentrator draws in room air and it is passes through a seriesof filters that remove dust, bacteria, and other particulates. In the first step of the oxygen concentrator the concentration process, a compressor forces air into cylinders containing sieve material, where nitrogen is adsorbed, leaving concentrated oxygen and a Simultaneously, in the other cylinder, nitrogen is desorbed and exhausted into the atmosphere. In the second step, the function of the cylinders is reversed in a timed cycle a continuous flow.

Operating steps
• The concentrator is properly set up by an expert in healtholic.
• Unit is plugged in to a power source, oxygen flow is adjusted as prescribed by a doctor.
• A nasal cannula or mask is applied to patient.
• The concentrator is used for the prescribed amount, typically continuously for days or weeks at a time.
Reported problems
Water vapor in room air can compromise the adsorption of nitrogen in the sieve beds by entering through small leaks in the internal tubing; if sufficient water vapor contaminates the gas delivered will be room air. Patients may suffer irritation from nasal cannulae. Because excess oxygen enhances and accelerates combustion.
Use and maintenance
User(s): Patients; patient family members;
clinicians (e.g., home care nurses or respiratory
Training: Supervised training with experienced
users and operator’s manuals
Environment of use
Settings of use: Home; hospital; nursing home
Requirements: Stable power source
One of the most notable is that of the oxygen concentrator. Unlike gaseous or liquid oxygen that are the products of oxygen manufacturing companies, actually “make” their own oxygen by removing nitrogen from atmospheric air. The oxygen passes through the filter system and is then stored within the device and is available for breathing by the patient. We are best Oxygen Concentrator Dealer In Bandra There were only stationary oxygen concentrators that were relatively large and heavy. But in most instances, these stationary units were capable of producing continuous of oxygen at flows up to 5 liters per minute.

We are best Oxygen Concentrator Dealer In Bandra. Portable concentrators are lighter in weight — some weigh as little as 5 pounds! In addition to standard household AC 110 current, POCs can also be powered from the DC outlet found in motor vehicles.Portable concentrators have opened entirely new vistas by making it possible for oxygen patients to take their oxygen with them whenever do so. So choice has emerged for oxygen users: Should I select a continuous flow or intermittent flow
device? Please bear this in mind as you review the following information.